Railgun™ is a complete digital-led and data-driven marketing transformation program to help marketers win over today's increasingly overchoiced and over-savvy customers with improved business surety.

We are built ground up to sync naturally with what world-leading customer analyst firm Forrester calls "The Age of the Customer". One where Outside-In marketing overrides conventional Inside-Out approaches as the customer acquisition approach of choice.

Railgun pushes the bar by integrating cognitive science with UX dynamics to carve out fresher and fuller marketing advantage. We do this through more textured and empathetic profiling of customer DNAs for your brand. So you remain true and tight to game-changing customer shifts now and tomorrow.

More importantly, Railgun is operations-optimized. Meaning we work straight out of the box. We are natively aligned to the business outcomes you need to succeed, not optimistic inputs that often lead to underwhelming dead-ends.

A product of over three years of corporate feedback and exhaustive fine-tuning since 2013, Railgun is now beta-ready and represents a significant step forward in new gen design philosophy and way of thinking to help you stay relevant with today's increasingly volatile and complex marketplaces.

Simply, Railgun helps you grow with the future. We don't just help you evolve existing best practices. We help you reinvent them.





Functional motivators are no longer enough to keep or grow your customer base in today's ultra competitive and disruptive marketplaces. Left unchecked, the race to the profitless bottom is inevitable.

Railgun introduces one of the most integrated and business-grade approaches available to help you win on both the social and emotional front as well.

We've eliminated the fluffiness common with conventional approaches in this area. Railgun's completely data-driven approach ensures that new gen discovery, design and delivery of social and emotional advantage remains clear and highly accountable to your bottom-line. 





Real-world customers see your brand value and tipping points as one collective memory. But all too many marketing programs are developed just for the immediate job-at-hand, potentially leading to unanticipated dissonance that can suboptimize the payback of even the best of plans.

Railgun seamlessly monitors your entire competitive environment to spot emerging opportunities or incoming threats. From the eyes of people who matter most - your current and potential customers.

Then helps you pattern and seam together the best possible customer journeys and experiences to maximize your resource and budget productivity. With Railgun, your customer journeys will click together more powerfully with less bumps and waste.

This delicate balancing process is directly backed by highly experienced marketing communications practitioners who understand the frustrating nuances of corporate constraints and execution reality. And how to make the best of what's available and doable.  




Today every customer hit counts as increasingly distracted customers become harder to reach and successfully convince with each passing year. Meaning "real" desired outcomes per customer trigger are becoming more elusive and expensive. No matter what your digital dashboard alludes you to believe. 

Railgun provides you with one of the truest inclusive engagement capture models available to extract the most from each customer contact landed.

Originally a hard-to-master model applied by advanced marketers to expand all-round customer relevance, Railgun makes this often misunderstood customer growth technique refreshingly simple to understand and easy to apply. All with the data-driven precision and hard business accountability you expect. 





If you are looking for a straight-down, future-ready way to improve your marketing performance without the time wasting hype and empty promises - you've come to the right place.

Railgun is developed ground up with highly practiced Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) expertise and backed by industry proven track records anticipating and designing for marketing change. Our real value to you comes from knowing what might go wrong, rather than what might be right.

Railgun scales naturally from the SMEs to MNCs. We do this by helping you remain relevant and authentic to your customers from start to finish regardless of size.

Each Railgun project is exhaustively streamlined to your specific industry challenges and exact needs so everything works without burning any unnecessary holes in your pocket.